Busking in my front garden to the roses,Gershwin is always suitable. Gershwin’s clarinet solos are sooo clarinetty…. Rhapsody in Blue solo,promenade (walking the dog),An American in Paris and any of the old tunes are good ..


Up and down the steps of the townhouse: My hat.

My hat is a Nils Pohl manipulator hat.It comes from a specialised juggling store. I use it for busking. It is specially weighted so that you can thorw it up and catch your head or juggle it, It also has a special brim that allows you to roll it along your arms and shoulders.IMG_20171113_172352

Travelling up and down the town house steps: scuffed walls and cobwebs

The walls of the stairwell and the ceiling of the stairwell are neglected cleaning jobs at our place.

The main traffic areas like lounge room carpet,kitchen tiles,toilet and bathroom get the most cleaning attention. The stairwell itself gets vacumed once per month but apart from that the cobwebs can tend to build up and the walls can get a bit scuffed.

It seems natural that the walls of a stairwell are going to get a bit scuffed. It is the main pathway nto take things up and down the stairs and inevitably things will rub against the wall on the way up or down.

Also the banisters can get a bit dusty. No one really goes upstairs apart from me and spouse so there is no real need to get too fussy about it.

Travelling up and down the town house steps: the oldest thing that I own

The oldest item of any description I have in my possession would be this thing here. This is a clarinet stand  which I have had since I was about ten years of age. I am now fifty five. Carmello from my band renewed it for me a few years ago by getting the rust off it and generally cleaning it up. It is not the sort of thing that is going to wear out or go out of fashion so it has not neede replacing.

This thing travels with me quite a lot. When i play in bands it comes with me and stands beside me. When I busk at the town centre it stands beside me. I use it for performances on stage. I went to uni with it when I was in my early twenties. I moved house with it. It has not been overseas yet.IMG_20171113_184752


Travelling up and down the town house steps:Chairs

Working from home we set up our dining area of the town house  as an office and we just used whatever we had lying about the place. When you start a small business working from home it is best to spend nothing and use what you have available. I don’t subscribe to the “get flash and then people will be over awed by your success and use you view”- the other one I don’t like is ” If he drives a crappy old car he can’t be much of a (insert profession here). I think if he drives a crappy car he knows what a bad investment a car can be.

Well we have done that but we spend some time sitting at those chairs around the desk and it is time that we found something more comfortabe to sit on when we are working at the desk. The creaky old wooden chairs have had their day.

My idea is that if someone pays you-use that money to purchase something you need for the business and build that way. Just build organically and let the business tell you what it needs and where itwill go.

Well this business is now in need of two office chairs. An executive decision has been made. The wooden chairs depicted may look nice but they are uncomfortable for long sittings at a desk. I think we will definitely get our money back if we feel comfortable in our workspace.


The current modelattractive but not designed for office work

Up and down the town house steps.Ghosts

I am a home body. I spend lots of time at home. When we lived in Queensland we lived in a big on the ground house with long hallways. The hallways were the parts that took you from one part of the house to the next. I spent so much time up and down those hallways cleaning out rooms and doing washing and attending to children that I am  sure I have left a ghost behind that still wanders around that place. Now that we are in the town house and will be here for some time I will probably start planting a ghost into the town house steps just by physically being present around them.

Travelling up and down the steps of the town house. Laundry.

Washing has to be done everyday. Melbourne does not get much sun. So often our town house steps are draped with washing . We also use the town house stpes as a laundry shute. We can throw the washing over the top rail and it will go right through to the front of the kitchen which is very close to the laundry. The Kangaroo at the bottom of the town house steps is right near where  the laundry lands.IMG_20171111_142054

Busking Blog Name

I Just came up with this name for a blog post and thought it might be good for the blog. I am still sort of working out how this wordpress like follow comment system works. Secondly I am attempting to work out what if any benefit I can add to anyone’s life by doing this apart from just a bit of amusement. Categories and Tags seem very important.

A blogger told me to put blog,blogging and blogger in tags.

I am experimenting wiuth scheduled posts. I have done two of those now and note that they have gone up on the scheduled date. It seems like a good thing for time management.

The next thing is how to monetize the blog and what kind off an online business do I want to start. I already do legal from home. I am a street entertainer and do some clarinet busking so there are a few areas of interest there but how to work out the right business idea to run with online is a  challenge.Moba Backun clarinets4